Stay True....

Music has always resonated with me.  One of my earliest memories is from around the age of 4. We had this old upright in the living room and I was fascinated by the sound and harmony my older brother could create.  I remember wanting to do that myself. My Grandmother helped me write my first song.  A waltz about an alligator, lol.  Piano lessons began at age 6 and my destiny was set in motion!

Time progressed and so did my interests.  Throughout the years were attempts at several instruments, including piano, saxophone, voice, and guitar. But lessons were always a mainstay and I am so grateful for my parents always supporting it!

By the end of college I settled into guitar and vocals.  Playing in bands, performing and touring.  After taking classes with Full Sail recording school a new tone was set for my musical career.  I began teaching at a college level, composing music for television and video, and producing my own music.

Setting home base in Raleigh, NC, I have stayed true to my musical roots by continuing to write new material and work with other artists, both performing and in the studio. I continue to grow my student client base, as well, giving private lessons both in person and via the web.

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